Behind the Scenes

I’m using this note to share what is making this website run (fast). I’ll try to keep it updated.

Obviously, it runs with WordPress (nightly) and is hosted on an asteroid aka Uberspace. 🚀
Since I’m lazy, the (block) theme is the default Twenty-Twenty Three with some small customizations. Thanks to the site editor all without any code changes!

Also, the following plugins are installed:

  • ActivityPub: Extends WordPress with some Fediverse features. You can follow this site via @[email protected].
  • Antispam Bee: Allows me to keep comments open for a healthy place for discussions.
  • Disable Emojis: Emojis are not that important that they need a fallback. ✊
  • EWWW Image Optimizer: Reduces image sizes and takes care of WebP format which are delivered through the <picture> tags.
  • Public Post Preview: I guess I have to test my own plugins somewhere.
  • Safe SVG: Simplest way to allow SVG uploads, should be in core. 🥲
  • Surge: Zero-config caching.
  • Syntax-highlighting Code Block: Enhances the default code block with syntax highlighting which is rendered on the server.
  • The Icon Block: A block to add custom SVG icons and graphics, everywhere.
  • Two Factor: Sorry, I don’t want you in my site. 🏰
  • WordPress Beta Tester: Only use this if you really know what you are doing.
  • Yoast SEO: Helps to rank my bad content on the first page of Google, right?

Gutenberg is also installed by currently not active to help testing the upcoming WordPress 6.2 release.

To gather some analytics data I have my own Matomo instance and the fancy social card images are generated with the @vercel/og library (source).

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