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Easily embed your fancy Vine video into your posts.

WordPress 4.1 has now oEmbed support for Vine. This plugin has been deprecated.

Vine Embed is based on the new API by Vine. With Vine Embed you can easily share your little videos with other users.

What’s your part?

Just place a Vine link into your posts. For example

By default no shortcodes are necessary, just a link!
And that was about your part. Easy, isn’t it?

Some usage examples

To embed a simple vide just embed a link like this:

There are two different types of embeds, simple and postcard. You can see the difference here. The default type is simple. To use the postcard type you have to choose the [embed] shortcode. Something like this works:

[embed type="postcard"][/embed]

But you can change the default value with a filter:

function ds_vine_embed_default_type( $type ) {
    return 'postcard',
add_filter( 'vine_embed_default_type', 'ds_vine_embed_default_type' );

What about sizes?
Yes, there are three different sizes. Small, big, and huge. By default the size is based on $content_width. Examples:

[embed size="small"][/embed]
[embed size="huge" type="postcard"][/embed]


The plugin has been downloaded 6,316 times.
It got 100% positive feedback, based on 2 ratings from the plugin repo on

The plugin requires WordPress 2.9 and is compatible up to WordPress 3.9.18.



  • Add attribute and filter for autoplaying audio.


  • First release.

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  1. When I embed the Vine into a post it does not show up until you actually scroll over the video. The post looks blank unless you mouse over it. Any ideas on how to fix this?



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